Here is a list of topics that will be covered throughout the weekend

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Understanding Myself

Individuals reflect on what they are bringing to the marriage in terms of personality characteristics and values learned in their upbringing. Also, to recognize that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity, including the recognition that we must love ourselves and be prepared to share our real self with our fiancé.

Is Romance Enough?

Married life involves a continuous cycle of ups and downs referred to as romance and disillusionment. In this recurring cycle, love is not dependent upon feelings, but upon a daily decision to love. Making a decision to love moves us beyond disillusionment and leads us to the goal of marriage which is unity.

Are We Really Communicating?

True communication is a process of talking and listening which involves elements of risk, trust and acceptance. In marriage we are challenged to take a risk, to share openly with our spouse and to trust our spouse’s acceptance of our thoughts, ideas, and feelings. To experience the deepest sense of love, we need to become vulnerable and trusting.

Managing Conflict

Addresses how to handle arguments when they arise and how healthy conflict can help us grow as a couple.

Creating a Life-Giving Marriage

Introduces the concept of being life-giving by making the decision to love. Explains that deciding to love is going beyond what is expected.

Natural Family Planning

Provide basic information about how Natural Family Planning (NFP) works, how it helps a couple’s marriage, and why using NFP is in accordance with Catholic teaching. This presentation will NOT provide complete instruction on how to use Natural Family Planning.

Decisions in Marriage

Illustrates that decision-making is a process of discernment that involves prayer, gathering information, considering the consequences, discussion, mutual agreement, and mutually accepting responsibility, and being open to reevaluation. Demonstrates how to use the process in making life-giving decisions.

Financial Fidelity

Couples complete an exercise that will enable them to discern how open they regarding finances. They talk about values, attitudes, and expectations about spending habits, savings, and financial goals.

Two Become One: Unity in Marriage

Unity in Marriage: Marriage is a vocation, a sacred call from God to love each other uniquely, totally, and unconditionally. When couples live out this calling, they grow together in unity. Striving for unity, not happiness is the primary goal of Christian marriage.

Intimacy in Marriage

The presenting team shares how strengthening all the non-sexual forms of intimacy allows a couple’s sexual relationship to become more fulfilling. Explains that sexual intimacy is a gift from God that is meant to be exclusive to the life-long covenant relationship between husband and wife. God’s design for husband and wife is to become one in mind, body and spirit.

Becoming a Family

It is important to realize that our family begins on the day we marry. Understanding each other’s family values and traditions is an important aspect of forming our family. As a couple we have a duty to choose which values are important. Our values are based on Christian beliefs, and not just on what will make us popular with our children.

The Sacrament of Matrimony

In the Catholic faith, marriage is a sacrament Explains how they become a sacrament on their wedding day, and that the beauty of living out this sacrament is manifested in their everyday lives. Illustrates that “A wedding is a day. A marriage is a lifetime.”

Forgiveness in Marriage

Shows the need for forgiveness and reconciliation in marriage and how this is best achieved. Offers the engaged an opportunity to share their vulnerability and forgive each other. Explains that they can draw upon their sacramental graces to heal.


Helps the couples assess where they are in their preparation for a sacramental marriage. Provides examples of what they need to do individually and as a couple to prepare and make a commitment to work on their relationship with each other and God.

Stewardship: A Way of Life

Encourages the engaged couples to recognize their gifts and generously share them with their parish, community, and Catholic Engaged Encounter.

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